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5 Awesome Things to Do and See in Ipoh City

Aside from delicious food offerings and exciting theme parks, there are other things to do in Ipoh as well. A city of many diverse attractions, there’s something for everyone. Whether you enjoy taking in the city’s sights, strolling along a quaint street, or discovering the city’s history, Ipoh is definitely worth exploring. If you’re not sure what to do in Ipoh, here are a few attractions that are conveniently located nearby MÙ Hotel.

5 Family-friendly Attractions at the Lost World of Tambun

The Lost World of Tambun is home to a theme park, water park, adventure park, petting zoo and more. Enjoy a day of wholesome family fun at the Lost World, and don’t miss out on these top attractions!

Ipoh Food Guide: On The Hunt For Good Eats At New Town

While Ipoh’s Old Town is favoured by many for its old-time charm and flourishing street art, on the other side of Kinta River lies Ipoh’s New Town. The New Town is a foodie’s heaven, the delicious Ipoh food will definitely satiate your appetite.

Ipoh Parade

If you’re visiting Ipoh City as a big group, Ipoh Parade is the best choice to chill out because everyone can definitely find something to do. You can opt for a movie at GSC Cinema, karaoke session in Kbox or shop at Uniqlo, Brands Outlet, Vincci and other popular stores.

Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS Ipoh Perak Malaysia)

Located 20 minutes away from MÙ Hotel, Movie Animations Park Studio (MAPS) holds the title of the first animation theme park in Asia. Situated in Ipoh, Perak, MAPS is an attraction worth visiting for those wondering where to go to during their stay in the city itself.